The e-Parliament is the first world institution whose members are elected by the people. It links democratic members of parliament and congress into a global online forum. Through the e-Parliament, legislators can learn from each other, monitor international agencies and work together to solve common problems.

Earth Emergency - A Call to Action

An acute State of Emergency exists on Earth, imperiling its climate, its life support systems and the lives of billions of people. The related crises of environmental degradation and the destitution of a third of humanity are linked to the ever-greater concentration of economic power and worsened by a profound failure of world governance. The world community, is called to act, agreeing a planetary ethic - of respect for life and human dignity - as expressed in the Earth Charter. is a pioneering operational model of webocracy to harness the power of virtual space to bring real changes in the lives of people by promoting the Internet as secure, confidential, convenient and cost-effective negotiation and mediation medium for conflict resolution and peace-building.

Interactive Representative Directdemocracy - IRD

How to Use Technology as a Tool to Empower the World towards True Democracy?

Movement Millennium

Movement Millennium is a soul-searching and selfless campaign, pioneered by Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action, which is a conscious, collective and organized universal movement toiling for the elevation of human, environmental, economical, emotional and spiritual health worldwide.

Network Institute of Global Democratization

NIGD aims at promoting global democratization by producing and developing emancipatory knowledge for democratic movements, organizations and states.

PlaNet: A network for the PlaNetary Citizen

A resource for discussions, polls, news and information for groups and individuals who are generally aligned with this vision.

The Institute for Economic Democracy

Eliminating poverty is not philosophically complicated; eliminate the monopolization of land, technology, and finance capital and equalize pay for equally productive work, both within internal economies and between trading nations.


The World Future Council will serve as a forum to focus global attention on new phenomena and priorities for action. As the voice of our common future, will debate the choices facing us from a perspective of expanded responsibility, it will press for the necessary legislative changes to prevent further social injustice and environmental degradation, and to build on tried and tested alternative ways of living in harmony with each other and with nature.

World Wide Democracy Network - WWDN

How can the human family co-create a just and sustainable future starting from today’s unjust and unsustainable global regime?