Anti-Apathy* (AA) promotes awareness and action for positive social change by appealing through culture and lifestyle issues. Our vision is to spark a transformational shift in how people individually and collectively engage in creating a fairer, cleaner and more equitable world.

Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique

Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique is a UK-based affiliate of Les Amis Le Monde Diplomatique which supports the writings and tradition which has evolved over 50 years of publication of the Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper.

Good Energy

Good Energy is an independent UK company which supplies only 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Good Energy is recommended by Friends of the Earth and the GOOD Shopping Guide and achieves the highest rating with both these organisations

Juice-clean & green

Wind-generated electricity developed with Greenpeace. Juice is currently generated at North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm. As a Juice customer, npower matches every unit of electricity that you use and feeds the same amount into the electricity network from North Hoyle.

London 21 Sustainability Network

London 21 is a network of organisations and individuals engaged in Local Agenda 21 or other sustainability initiatives in London.

London Community Recycling Network

London CRN is a not for profit, second tier, organisation that supports and represents London’s existing and emerging Community Recyclers.

London Environmental Education Forum

The London Environmental Education Forum (LEEF) was set up in 1994 as a network organisation to promote and facilitate the delivery of environmental education in London.

London Food Link

London Sustainability Exchange

London Sustainability Exchange is London’s independent implementation support organisation for sustainable development.

London Wildlife Trust

The London Wildlife Trust fights to sustain and enhance the capital’s natural heritage to create a city richer in wildlife