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“We fought kings and church for freedom of opinion, and governments for freedom of expression. With the Media Carta movement, we’re at it again: fighting for the right to access the most powerful communications media ever created.”


AMED is a professional network for people in individual and organisation development. The aim is to help members to develop themselves and other people, as well as to make an even greater contribution to innovation and good practice in the workplace and the wider environment.

ASPO - Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas

ASPO is a network of scientists, affiliated with European institutions and universities, having an interest in determining the date and impact of the peak and decline of the world’s production of oil and gas, due to resource constraints.


Baobab’s Corporate Power Information Center is a collection of web resources that explore, expose, and critique the domination of global business, politics, and culture by large corporations.

Cancer Prevention Coalition The Cancer Prevention Coalition, Inc. (CPC) goal is to reduce escalating cancer rates through a comprehensive strategy of outreach, public education, advocacy and public policy initiatives to establish prevention as the nation’s foremost cancer policy.

CEH - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is the leading body in the UK for research, survey, and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater environments. CEH Web provides information about our science, products and data.

Teak Forestation Caring Body - Faraway® Governing body ensuring teak is replanted for the sustainable production of teak garden furniture

Center for a New American Dream

The Center for a New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social justice

Creative Commons

Creative Commons offers a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors and artists. We have built upon the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright to create a voluntary “some rights reserved” copyright. We’re a nonprofit. All of our tools are free.

CRed CRed is the Community Carbon Reduction Project based in the East of England and focussing on Norfolk and Norwich. CRed and its partners will put Norfolk and Norwich on the world map by taking real action to address the biggest environmental challenge confronting everyone on the planet: CLIMATE CHANGE. CRed is building a community of partners who are deciding how they want to cut their emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) to meet a target of 60% reduction by 2025.

Earth Action

EarthAction is building a global action alert network which can mobilize people simultaneously around the planet to speak out for a better world.

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network is an alliance of 5,000 groups in 184 countries working to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world. Each year, Earth Day inspires a groundswell of grassroots action in communities around the world. People from Peru to India, and from Ireland to the USA take part in Earth Day events and actions which educate, spread awareness and push for tangible change.

FoE - Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the planet from environmental degradation; preserving biological, cultural, and ethnic diversity; and empowering citizens to have an influential voice in decisions affecting the quality of their environment - and their lives. FoEI - Friends of the Earth International

GCI - Global Commons Institute

The Global Commons Institute is an independent group of people whose aim is the protection of the Global Commons. GCI has focused most of its efforts since 1996 on its Contraction and Convergence campaign. On this site you can find various documents describing what C&C is, its gestation and history and the broad support it has achieved from diverse organisations and people across the globe.

IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare

IFAW works to reduce commercial exploitation of animals, to help animals in crisis & distress, and to protect their environment.

ILSR - Institute for Local Self-Reliance The Institute for Local Self-Reliance is a non-profit research and educational organization that provides technical assistance and environmentally sound economic development strategies.

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source Definition for the good of the community, specifically through the OSI Certified Open Source Software certification mark and program.

PANNA- Pesticide Action Network North America

PANNA has campaigned to replace pesticides with ecologically sound alternatives since 1982. PANNA links over 100 affiliated health, consumer, labour, environment, progressive agriculture and public interest groups in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. with thousands of supporters worldwide to promote healthier, more effective pest management through research, policy development, education, media, demonstrations of alternatives and international advocacy campaigns.

People & Planet

UK student action on world poverty, human rights and the environment and how to recycle or sell your iphone sustainably.

The Commons Open Society Sustainability Initiative An independent platform for new thinking & world-wide collaborative problem solving

The Simultaneous Policy SP has as its aim the transformation of the international economy such that it operates in a manner more compatible with the global natural environment and with the needs of human nature.

The Soil Association The Soil Association exists ‘to research, develop and promote sustainable relationships between the soil, plants, animals and the biosphere, in order to produce healthy food and other products while protecting and enhancing the environment’.

The State of Our Planet Interdisciplinary Research, Solutions, Models, Vision and Ingenuity for the Next Stage of Global Civilization.

The UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development

YCELP - Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy The Center for Environmental Policy has produced several special events for the Yale community. More recently, the Center has organized a series of international conferences on global environmental governance. The Center is actively engaged in bringing the history and expertise of Yale University to the pressing tasks of contemporary environmental issues.