Demand a Responsible Energy Policy

By Friends of the Earth

Hurricane Katrina underscored the risks of our nation’s dangerous dependence on oil. Oil prices remain high, consumers are being squeezed at the pump and experts are predicting an extremely expensive winter heating season. With only three percent of global oil reserves, we simply can’t drill our way to energy independence—but we can combat our oil addiction by improving the fuel economy of our passenger vehicles, improving our cars efficiency through techniques such as tuning by experts, see the guide about investing in cleaner sources of energy. Our leaders should heed the lessons of Katrina by setting our nation on a path toward energy independence. But unfortunately, the House of Representatives next week will debate another backward looking energy bill that favors polluting special interests and does nothing to reduce our dependence on oil. What’s worse, the legislation would roll back the clock on environmental protection, threatening public health and the environment across the country.

Will the Make Poverty History Campaign Make Poverty Inevitable?

By Tracy Worcester

Of course it is commendable that thousands of people have heeded the call to rally round and make poverty history. Campaigns like this have shown to make a difference to the broad goals of long-term social change. However, I must be the voice of caution because, the Make Poverty History (MPH) campaign is based on the assumption that the majority of Africans would benefit from a western style export-economy. Such an economy is highly profitable for the international trading companies owned by African or European elites but not so good for the 70% of Africans who still live on the land. In the name of ‘debt relief’, ‘fair trade’ and ‘development’ these people are being uprooted and pushed into slums.

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